why go hubspot

Why go Hubspot in 2023

Ahhhh, its the age old internet question, which CRM software should I choose? It is a question that has pre-occupied even the most experienced salespersons and marketeers since the start of the internet age. It may not surprise you to learn that there are dozens upon dozens of CRM platforms out there, all promising to be the best thing since sliced bread (side note: That expression is definitely overused. Perhaps a more modern expression would due, like it is the best thing since the invention of wi-fi.).

But anyway, I have digressed. To get back to the point, there are many capable CRMs out there and the reality is if you were to select one of the top platforms such as Salesforce.com you can’t really go wrong (cost aside). My personal favorite though is the HubSpot CRM, which in my humble opinion strikes the right balance between usability, adaptability and price when you’re evaluating which platform is right for your startup. Why do I love Hubspot so much? I would say it is primarily for these top reasons:

Top 5 reasons as to why go Hubspot

why go hubspot

1. Ease of Use: Hubspot CRM is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. This makes it easy to quickly set up and start using without needing any specialized training or experience. There are an endless library of classes and training sessions available via video tutorials and web articles. Getting started is very easy when it comes to Hubspot.

why go hubspot is hubspot worth it

2. Automation: One of the best features of Hubspot CRM is its automation capabilities. From tracking emails to automating tasks, Hubspot CRM can help streamline your workflow and increase productivity. One of my favorite features on the automation front is the Chrome browser plug-in. This plug-in allows the tracking of all sent emails in the Hubspot CRM so that every email you send to a client or prospect can be automatically tracked and categorized. This will save your salespeople time and will allow you as a manager to have insight into the most recent communications and client outreach, without having to slow down sales momentum. Side note: this feature works best if you mandate your sales people to use Chrome and enable it.

If your salespeople are worried about tracking their personal emails while they are working from their personal device, you can remind them that Chrome has a “profiles” feature that they can set up and only use the plug-in while logged into their work profile.

3. Integrations: Hubspot CRM integrates with a wide range of third-party tools and services, allowing you to easily sync data and use the data in your CRM. In fact, there are over 1,000 integrations available on HubSpot.

4. Reporting: Hubspot CRM provides a range of reporting tools to help you gain insights into your customer data and track performance.

5. Free: Hubspot CRM is free for up to 1 million contacts, allowing small businesses to take advantage of the powerful features without having to invest in expensive software. Additionally, if you happen to have an internal list of contacts you want to reach out to, it is sooo easy to set up and run a sales sequence. In fact, this is probably the top reason to use Hubspot and deserves an entire article dedicated to this topic alone.

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