how to save money grocery shopping

How to Save Money at the Grocery Store

One of my biggest expenses on the credit card bill is from the grocery store. I love grocery shopping and try to ensure I get the best deal whenever I’m out and about. Over the years I’ve perfected grocery shopping down to a science. I’ve learned how to budget for groceries and how to save money in the process. Did you know that there are apps out there that actually give you money back for buying the products you were already planning on purchasing? Let’s jump in on how to save money at the grocery store and which apps will give you free money to go grocery shopping. Plus read to end for a fun challenge! 

Apps that Give you Free Money for Grocery Shopping

Checkout 51 Screenshot

I know that it seems too good to be true, an application that gives you money to shop? They actually pay you for that product? Yes, it’s true. Below are the 2 applications I highly recommend you use when you go shopping. Keep in mind that it is a slow process but you’ll be getting money back, and amazon gift cards in no time! 

These apps are super simple to use all you do is scan the receipt and the product once the groceries are purchased and you’ll earn cash back on your qualifying purchases!

The best part is you can both of the apps 🙂

Ibotta – This is easily one of the most popular application on the market. What I love about this application is that is give you amazon gift cards for grocery shopping! Sign up here

Checkout 51 – Another popular application. Both applications are very similar. Checkout 51 will give you cash for buying your normal food! Sign up for Checkout 51 here

On average I earn $500 a year in rewards and cash from groceries!! If you use this application along with your credit card you will do what I called double dipping, and earn points from the grocery application and from the credit card company.

It’s very important to note that you shouldn’t buy food just because it’s listed on the application and you get money back. Limit the spending to only the groceries you need. Now let’s jump into how to save money at the grocery store

how to save money at the grocery store
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Tips on How to Save Money at the Grocery Store 

In addition to using one of the above apps to get money back at the grocery store. I’ve come up with a few tips and tricks to help me not overspend at the grocery store. I strongly believe you’ll love reading these tips on how to save money at the grocery store too!

The first tip, it to make sure you don’t go to the grocery store on an empty stomach. Whenever I went to the grocery store hungry I tended to buy more food than I needed. Have you ever heard the saying your eyes are bigger than your stomach? That’s exactly what happens when you go to the grocery store hungry. Avoid doing this at all costs. 

how to make money at the grocery store

The second tip is to make sure you have a grocery list and be strategic. I know this sounds so old school, but before I go grocery shopping I make a list of the food I want to eat for that week and make a list of the products needed to accomplish that. Then I take inventory of what I already have so I don’t buy excess of food or products. 

how to make money at the grocery store
how to save money grocery shopping

The third tip is coupons. You’ve probably seen the “extreme couponers”, or at least heard of them. I have no shame using coupons. In fact, I always ask the grocery store when I arrive if there is a coupon available. It doesn’t work every time, but sometimes I miss a coupon and I get an additional savings just by asking. Also, don’t forget to check out the store’s website, sometimes there will be coupons online.

Recap on How to Save Money at the Grocery Store 

In order to save money at the grocery store you should not go to the grocery store hungry, make a grocery list, use an application to get money back for shopping, digital coupons work great, and finally I challenge you to buy only what you’ll eat. 

I’m a big proponent of buying only what you will eat. It’s important to know what you’ll eat and what you won’t. Don’t buy that cabbage, if you don’t like cabbage, you’ll just end up throwing it out. I challenge you to keep a running total of the amount of food and the cost you throw out. Every time you throw a piece of food out, write down what you threw out and how much that cost you. You would be surprised how much food ( and money ) you are literally throwing away. 

If you are looking for a budgeting worksheet: I’ve created this one that will help you budget all your expenses.

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