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How to Pick a Blog Name that Ranks on Google

Today, I’m going to share with you secrets to how to pick a blog name that ranks on google! Congratulations on taking the step on creating a blog. The first step when creating a blog is picking a name and registering your domain name. Although it sounds like a simple task, I have learned over the past few years how important it is to pick the most optimal name to reflect your blog. Today, I’m going to cover how to pick a domain name and how to register that domain name. I will walk you through the lessons I’ve learned on my blogging journey and how you can avoid making those same mistakes. 

I always tell people the most important step is to just start, and this guide will help you start your blog and create that passive income you deserve. 

How to Pick a Blog (Domain) Name

The very first step you’ll take when creating your blog is picking a domain name. Your blog name will almost be a second name for you. You’d be surprised how many people refer to me now as my blog name, it has really become part of my identity. 

When you are choosing a blog pick a name that it’s obvious what you are going to be blogging about. If you are blogging about finance try to pick a name that reflects that. Such as life on a budget. That way when your name appears on google, it’s apparent what you are blogging about.

how to pick a blog name that ranks on google
how to pick a blog name that ranks on google

Use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Keywords in your Domain Name

Many people make this mistake when choosing a name, they don’t pick a domain name with any SEO keywords in it. They do something like “Diane’s corner” realistically nobody is going to be searching in google Diane’s corner. It’s not a good name. 

What you want to be doing instead is picking a name with a high SEO search. For example: if you want to do a cooking blog that offers recipes, think about what people would search for. Maybe they are searching for “homemade mac and cheese recipes, or sweet potato recipes” The thing these two searches have in common is they both have the word recipes in them. Then you should start thinking okay I want my domain to have recipes in it. Because every article I write, will have recipes once in it because of the title. 

I found this out when I was working on my blog Petite in Paris, all my Paris articles and all my articles I wrote about petite clothing always performed better than an article that didn’t contain any of those key words. 

Starting a blog I generate on average: $5,000 a month

What to do if your Blog name is taken?

If you have your heart set on a name, like “fashionforever” and it’s already taken, try adding simple words at the beginning or the end of the name. Some of the most popular words to add at the beginning or end of a domain name is: 

Get, more, simple, love, try, etc 

Many times these words that are added to the beginning of the domain name is a verb. Did you know before facebook received it was called thefacebook?

blog name that ranks on google
blog name that ranks on google

Can I use .co or .io or something other than .com?

Many times people often wonder if their blog will only be successful if they use .com at the end of their name. The truth is not any more. Most of the .com names are taken these days and quite frankly many people are just sitting on these names, trying to make a profit, and aren’t actually using them for anything. As I say with everything if you create highly quality content, google won’t care. They just want the information to get to their googlers.

blog names that rank on google

How to Register a your Blog Name

Now that you’ve chosen a domain name, the next step is to register your domain name here: 

Bluehost is offering one year free for registering all new blog names!

Recap on How to Pick a Blog Name that Ranks on Google

In short, to begin your blog you must start with a domain name, choose a name that reflects what you will be blogging about, make sure the domain name has a strong SEO name for google, don’t get discouraged if your domain name is taken use a verb at the beginning or end, and lastly don’t forget to register your domain name.  That’s how to pick a blog name that ranks on Google!

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