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How to Make Money Day 1 with Your Blog

You’ve taken the step that you want to create a blog and you want to start making money asap. I totally get it, today, I’m going to share with you how to make money day 1 with your blog! I will be sharing tips and tricks with you that I wish I knew from day one how to make money. I will be referencing the blog I created Petite in Paris when I lived in Paris to share with you how to make money right away. 

I’ve written several articles on blog topics already that you might find helpful. 8 Blog topics that make the most money, how to pick a blog name that ranks on google, and more are coming soon! Let’s dive right now and talk about how to make sure your blog makes money day one.

Affiliate Links

The easiest way to start making money day 1 from your blog is through affiliate links. You may be wondering what affiliate links are. Well that’s a great question, on your blog when you link a product you get a small commission from recommending that product to your readers. 

There are so many different affiliate sites out there, but the most popular ones include 

The second affiliate that is extremely popular and important to sign up for is amazon affiliate. Pretty much everything today is on amazon. The amazon application takes 10 minutes and gets approved almost instantly.

How to make money Day 1 with your blog
Shopstyle Commission Screenshot

2 extremely popular affiliate sites are RewardStyle (also known as and Shopstyle. Both platforms require a short application process. In my experience people typically join Shopstyle first and then Reward Style since Reward Style is “more exclusive” they require a commission history. What I love about both these platforms is the plugins they have make it very easy to use.

I get several emails from people asking all the time about different products or different services. Every time I help them out, even if it’s family or friends I always link one of my affiliate commission codes.

how to make money day 1 from your blog
How to Make Money Day 1 With your blog

Advertising on your Blog

The next thing you can do is sign up immediately for google ads. While yes google ads is linked to traffic and how many people see the ads, it doesn’t hurt to start from day 1 to start receiving ad revenue. 

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t make a ton of money immediately, this is a long game and you must be patient with your blog.

Sell your Own Products or Services

One of the most popular ways that people make money online from their blog or website is by selling a product or selling services. Think about it, are you an expert in fashion and love styling people? Perhaps in addition to your blog you can sell styling services.

Or even if you are blogging about travel, you can offer services such as building a custom travel itinerary for people or even selling your images that you took during these trips. There are so many services or products that you can sell on your website. I would recommend that if you are selling a service or product that you stick to the theme of your website. It doesn’t really make sense to blog about fashion and then sell classes on how to paint. In short, keep it relevant. 

The next way to make money off your website is from collaborations. You probably won’t be receiving collaborations day one, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start pitching to brands. I always tell people as soon as you start blogging, get some content up, then start pitching to brands. In the beginning you may be wondering if you should work with brands for free.

Everyone has their own opinion on this matter, but for me, I think it’s important to build up your reference list before you start charging brands. Because I was able to build up my reference list, I was able to work with some of the most notable brands in the fashion industry, such as Dior, Christian Louboutin, and more. 

Recap on How to Make Money Day 1 With Your blog 

In short the easiest way to make money day 1 with your blog is through affiliate links, advertisements on your site from google, selling your own products or services, then finally collaborations. Keep in mind that blogging is a long term investment. If you’ve started a blog I’d love to hear in the comments any additional comments about how to make money day 1 with your blog!

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