how to make money from home

How I made $305.35 in One Weekend from Home

I’m always looking for new ways to make money or create a side hustle. Even at a young age I was outside selling lemonade every weekend to save money. When I hit the age of 15 I got my first job at the Jones Store (now known as Macy’s). As I got older I learned the power of the internet and how you can reach so many more people. Today, I’m going to share with you how I made $305.35 in one weekend. Yes you read that correctly, I made over $300 dollar in one weekend from sitting on my couch.  

I love earning money and adding to my bottom line. Below is a legitimate way you easily replicate what I did to start generating income today!

How I made $305.35 in One Weekend from Home?

The simple answer to how I made $305.35 in one weekend from home is selling my stuff on poshmark! Yes, it’s that simple I sold unused make-up that I wasn’t going to use on my poshmark account. There are other sites online that you can use to sell products, such as vinted, the real real, ebay, facebook marketplace and many others. I tend to stick to poshmark because they have 50 Million users!! 

My poshmark sales
Poshmark Sales
How to make money from home
Earn money from home
make money from home

First step identify what you will be selling / gather items around the house

The first step before you just start selling items from around your house is to identify what you are going to sell. I stuck to a theme, which was unused unopened make-up. Your theme might be different. 

The most popular categories include women clothing and shoes, activewear, unused makeup, and luxury items. If you have anything that fits into that category that you are no longer using or want then I highly recommend you sell these items. As I mentioned before, there are many platforms you can use to sell your items. 

Don’t forget to take high quality photos before you post your items to sell!

how I made money off poshmark
How to identify sold items on Poshmark

How I identified which products were valuable 

The easiest way to identify if your product will sell is to see if it’s sold in the past. Yes, it’s that simple. Type in the name of the item that you are going to sell or potentially think about selling, then scroll all the way to the right and filter by sold items. This will not only help you determine what price to sell your product at, but also what the market is going for. 

How I got so many sales? 

Memorial weekend in general is a big shopping weekend, but since people aren’t going out and doing normal shopping in person they are turning to online shopping. As more and more people are shopping online the poshmark platform is growing. In addition, many online-only shopping sites are growing. This gives you more of an opportunity to sell your products. 

how I made $305.25 in one weekend from home
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Bundle, Bundle, Bundle 

You make the most money selling on Poshmark when you bundle items. That means a person purchases multiple items from your closet. I have a preset bundle discount of 15% if someone buys 3 items or less. This incentivizes the buyer to buy multiple items. By bundling my beauty products, that is a quick way to make higher sales and accelerated my profits on how I made $305.35 in one weekend from home.

Set Goals & Track Your Progress 

I know this may sound old school, but set goals for yourself. For me, I always have obtainable goals and stretch goals. Then I track my sales in an excel sheet.  If you were to generate $300 every weekend and you replicated it every weekend every weekend which there are 52 that would be $300*52 = $15,600. Holy guacamole now that’s some serious dough. What would you do with an extra $15k a year?! 

How to sign up for Poshmark

Signing up for Poshmark is super simple, follow this link and when you sign up you get a free $10 and to be transparent, I get a free $10!! Or enter the Poshmark sign up code: BEAUTYLE when you sign up. Win win situation for everyone 😉 

Now for the Fun Part: what to do with the extra money? 

Now that you’ve generated over 300 bucks in a weekend, what are you to do with the money? For me, I love making my money work for me. So I typically invest it in a project I’m working on such as my blog, or even in the stock market. I use that extra income I’ve made and invested it into the stock market. I highly recommend you use that incoming revenue to invest back in yourself and pursue a dream you may have. 

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