Hello Everyone,

First off I wanted to thank you for reading my finance website, Making Piggy Bank!

For years now I wanted to write a blog to help people achieve their financial goals and learn how to invest. During my time in quarantine I decided to make this dream a reality, and launched Making Piggy Bank 

In 2011 I graduated with a Finance degree from the University of Kansas. There I met my now husband in finance class. Through my budgeting techniques we were able to pay off his $50,000 in student loans shortly after graduating. In addition, I created a budget to help me achieve a savings account of $100,000 before I reached the age of 30! 

I’ve lived all over the world including, Kansas, Australia, Boston, Paris, France, and NYC. For years now I’ve shared my secrets with family and friends on achieving financial success, how I launched a successful fashion blog, and now I want to share my secrets and tips with you too!

Kind Regards,


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